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    One of my girlfriends asked me what I would have done differently my first year of parenthood. honestly? i would have chilled the f*ck out. Granted lots of that anxiety stemmed from the fact that I had no idea what I was doing half the time. You'd think that your motherly instincts would just kick into high gear the moment you bring a child into the world but most of the time it just feels like you're navigating through a fog - and sometime you get hijacked by pirates. Schedules owned me. I used to refer to my daughter as a ticking time bomb because if she was the slightest bit hungry or tired - you'll know it. And although schedules still kinda own me (I'm a stickler about nap/bed times) I try not to let myself crumble when we have an off day (or week). You just gotta roll with it.

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